We don’t have a fixed menu. The keywords of Kihnu Küek are:

  • local potatoes, carrots, rutabagas and onions
  • fish caught by Kihnu fishermen
  • home-made bread
  • strawberries, berries and herbs from the home garden
  • pancakes made on a wood-fired stovetop
  • homemade beer and wine
  • Kihnu culture, customs and folk costumes


At Kihnu Küek, I cook as I would for my own family, from fresh ingredients sourced from near my home. We don’t use food additives and flavour enhancers – everything is natural. Soups and sauces are all homemade as well, the whipped cream is made from local cream, the herbs come from the herb garden, berries straight from bush, and fish is also locally caught around the island.

I try to make maximum use of the ingredients to reduce waste or even composting. All of our ingredients aren’t grown on the island, of course, but I always try to use locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes not all ingredients are available simultaneously, so I cook from what I have at hand – so be prepared for seasonal surprises.

Kihnu people are known for the quality of their breads – the bread baking tradition has never experienced interruption as it did on the mainland. We also offer you house bread.