Rye bread is a very common staple foodstuff around the Baltic Sea. Before the war, three kinds of bread were made: white bread, light rye and dark rye. As supermarkets today have a wide selection of bread of all kinds, Kihnu islanders prefer to eat home-baked bread. To extend shelf life of the light bread, potatoes are added to the dough. Sometimes a little unrendered bacon fat or herring. Bread was left to bake all night in a wood-fired oven. The result is lightly smoked and sweet-tasting loaf. In the old days, the bread loaves were placed in the oven on a cabbage leaf. Even such a simple thing as home-baked bread is an important part of Kihnu’s lifestyle. Even today, old women who bake bread in wood-fired ovens don’t dare switch to electric – maybe it won’t turn out well.