As I travel around the world, I like to taste local specialities to understand people’s lifestyles, customs and history.

I love seasonal foods, because food tastes like it should when it is made from locally sourced, fresh and organic ingredients.

I value simplicity, authenticity, and sincerity. Luxury restaurants and the latest gastronomic inventions aren’t what’s important to me. Simple food, friendly and open interaction are.

I value a holistic quality to my surroundings and food: this is a very important part of gaining culinary experience. I am interested in local customs, music, folk costume and language.

I respect healthful and sustainable cooking that preserves vitamin content, keeps food tasting as it should and minimizes waste.

I enjoy being pampered and doted on. I am capable of being grateful for that.

I yearn to experience that feeling of freedom in my soul that comes from delicious food, but also from organic wine, a crackling fire, birdsong, country air and knowing I’m welcome.

My family values all of these things and wants to offer you the same.

*** The symbol of Kihnu Küek is an OCTAGRAM, which has a protective and healing power. The octagram is woven into trois, socks and gloves and embroidered onto headscarves and sleeves.