Let us know well ahead of time when you are coming. That will give me time to procure fish, potatoes from the old women of the island, harvest carrots, pick strawberries and bake bread, as the case may be.

We prepare dishes only for you and your party, and if there are any foods that you don’t eat, we will try to work around it – just let us know ahead of time. Once on Kihnu, we accept only cash, but you can pay the invoice by bank transfer ahead of time.

Also, please don’t be late – the food will cool and lose its taste. Let us know with time to spare if plans change unexpectedly, then we can take the necessary action. Children will have plenty to do outside and there’s well water for canine friends.

If you have reached Kihnu island by ferry from Pärnu or Munalaid port. Ferry info – Kihnu Veeteed

How to get to Kihnu Küek:

From Kihnu port: after disembarking, take a right at the first intersection (points to Kurase centre). Go 2 km along the paved port-hospital road, reach Kurase shop, from there, cross right over the intersection, go 600m and you will find Männi farm on your left. From the port in your own vehicle, it’s a 5 minute drive. On foot it is 30 minutes.

From Kurase centre: go 600 m along the port-hospital road and you will find Männi farm on your left. It’s a seven minute walk.