The best drink is pure water. But natural juice is a preservative-free energy boost. I still remember red-currant juice and apple juice made by my grandmother. Supplies always lasted into the spring, sometimes for several years. Today my favourites include homemade rhubarb juice, a blend of aronia and cherry and, to ward off colds, I make black currant syrup.


Estonians generally brew beer from malted barley and hop the wort. Beer is probably the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. In Kihnu, beer is still made for special occasions. Beer has always been made for barn-raisings and other such gatherings. Brewing was traditionally a male task. Each brewmaster had his own techniques and recipes, with different flavour, strength and colour qualities. Juniper infusions, bread, raw rye flour, tobacco and even salt-sprat cooking liquid have been known to be added to the wort.


Wine is the most diverse, spellbinding and romantic beverage. It will take you on a trip to faraway places. It breaks the ice between tongue-tied couples. It inspires artists and poets. It gives you a new appreciation of the breadth of aromas and the depth of flavours. I recommend natural wine because of its true flavour and pure content.